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I feel as if I'm drowning
in a sea of sleepless nights.
When smiling, I'm frowning,
and now nothing seems right.
What shall I call this? Lassitude.
A restless state of life
plagued by a rotten attitude
that burns like a hot knife.
Each days goes by the same
it seems, like clockwork only worse.
But this beast I cannot tame,
will it land me in a hearse?
Alas, I sit and watch the sky,
wondering what's next.
Really, all this thinking I
have done's left me perplexed.
What is the point of fighting it
when life becomes so dull?
There can be no denying it.
Thoughts swimming 'round my skull.
I may be tired,
I may be lax.
Today I retired
to just relax.
Who cares if now I need to sleep?
Sometimes life can be hard.
So before I get too deep
into this stuff, I will discard
These thoughts I have that keep me up;
It's really not that bad.
So now I think I'm looking up,
instead of being sad.
Some rest is surely welcome now,
and a sleepy mind is fine.
Take a nap and revive somehow,
there always will be
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Pear Meme Thing by Gilmel Pear Meme Thing :icongilmel:Gilmel 1 0 o_o! by Gilmel o_o! :icongilmel:Gilmel 4 0 Nyah~! by Gilmel Nyah~! :icongilmel:Gilmel 4 2
When you live with Death constantly breathing down your neck, you’d think that life would end up being pretty stressful, depressing, and dark. Well, I can at least say that it’s stressful, but as far as being depressing or dark goes…
“Hey, Liv? Are you hungry? Can I get you a snack?”
Liv snapped out of her thoughts and gazed at the young man sitting in the chair across from her. Tod smiled sheepishly, fidgeting ever so slightly as her eyes met his. He always did this when she read for class, sit and watch her until he got bored or until she let out a sigh at whatever she was reading or thinking about. Normally, someone doing this would creep Liv out to no end, but Tod was… well, he was special. Not the kind of special that someone calls their true love or anything, but the kind of special used to describe someone who is rather unusual. It was only right that he was special though, he was a grim reaper after all.
Liv thought for a moment before
:icongilmel:Gilmel 3 3
Another Demon doodle by Gilmel Another Demon doodle :icongilmel:Gilmel 4 0
Magic and Murder: Chapter 16
Talia awoke the next morning and stretched. Finally she was going to start figuring this case out. She walked out into the kitchen and went looking for some breakfast foods. She noticed that there were less books on the table than there were the night before. Hopefully that meant that Zephyr had made some progress on the understanding of werewolves.
"Hey Zeph! Are you up yet?"
There was silence for a moment before Zephyr called back to her from his room.
"No, I'm still asleep."
"You don't sound asleep. Come on, we've got an exciting day ahead of us."
Talia put some bacon on the pan, and the house soon filled with the smell and sound of cooking bacon.
Zephyr trudged out of his room. His hair was a mess, and dark circles framed his eyes. He sat down at the table and yawned.
"It doesn't look like you got much sleep."
Talia served some bacon onto the plate in front of Zephyr.
Zephyr stared at the bacon for a moment before looking at Talia. "I stayed up all night reading..."
Talia raised an
:icongilmel:Gilmel 0 0
Magic and Murder: Chapter 15
Zephyr sat with his arms crossed and head tilted to one side as he dozed in the train. As much as he complained early on about not liking trains, he sure seemed comfortable enough to sleep the entire time. The train slowed as it entered the station.
Talia stood up and grabbed her bags as the train came to a halt. She looked over at Zephyr.
"This is our stop."
Zephyr sighed, opening his eyes.
He grabbed his own bag and stood up.
They exited the train with their bags in tow and made for the edge of town. The sun had just risen and Talia hoped to make it to their final destination before nightfall.
"Well let's get going we've got a long walk ahead of us."
Zephyr nodded, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. He followed Talia through the streets of the town until they reached the dirt road leading out of town.
"Do you want me to carry one of your bags, Talia?"
"No, no, it's fine for now. But I might take you up on that in a few hours."
Talia continued down the long dirt road. The
:icongilmel:Gilmel 0 0
Magic and Murder: Chapter 14
A couple of months passed without any word from Talia. Zephyr hadn't really expected to hear from her so soon, but he still kept his hopes up for a letter or some other small token to let him know how she was doing. His house had become eerily quiet, something he was used to, but it gave him a feeling of melancholy at times. Talia had only stayed for a short while, but the company was a refreshing change of pace for Zephyr.
Keeping with his pastime of collecting books, he had used the reward money from the case to build another room onto his house. It was already nearly filled with bookshelves and books. He sat in this room during the morning to read after his usual coffee at the cafe.
Zephyr leaned back in his chair, flipping the page of the large volume in his hand. Only two more pages until it was over, a bittersweet moment indeed. His eyes scanned the page as he took in every detail, so engrossed in finishing the last book in the series. Only two paragraphs left now.
There was a kn
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Mineral Sunset by Gilmel Mineral Sunset :icongilmel:Gilmel 0 0 Olivine Thin Section by Gilmel Olivine Thin Section :icongilmel:Gilmel 0 0 Anhydrite Thin Section by Gilmel Anhydrite Thin Section :icongilmel:Gilmel 1 0 Lighthouse on a Cliff by Gilmel Lighthouse on a Cliff :icongilmel:Gilmel 2 0
In Japan we say, “Deru kugi wa utareru.” In your language, I suppose that would mean “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” My lord was one of those nails that sticks up, and not in a good way, no. He was a rusted nail, sharp but broken, and constantly a threat to health and prosperity of all those around him. However, this was more than common in our time of war. There were many a nail that stuck up, threatening the stability of our country, a broken land now, torn by greed and vengeance.
“Akechi, get your damn head out of the clouds.”
My mind snapped back to the present at the sound of my lord’s words. “Yes, Oda-dono. Forgive my rudeness.” I bowed my head to the man in front of me, Nobunaga Oda, the ruthless daimyō of Owari.
Oda furrowed his brows in dissatisfaction. “Now is not the time to daydream about your pathetic poetry. You think you’re one of the great scribes, but you should le
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Ocean Sunset by Gilmel Ocean Sunset :icongilmel:Gilmel 3 0 Springtime  by Gilmel Springtime :icongilmel:Gilmel 4 0

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